Financial Compensation Explained

Financial compensation is a common method of awarding damages suffered by emotional or physical personal injuries caused by a negligent party. There are varying levels of financial compensation that may be part of a settlement, or may be imposed by court judgment. The amount of compensation that may be rewarded will depend largely on the severity of the injury, costs associated with the injury including recovery, and any other costs that have come as a result of the injury. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney or Ventura personal injury attorney can help victims to recover financial compensation for personal injury hardships.

Financial compensation is a legal right of personal injury victims in the United States, and is utilized often by injured individuals who would otherwise not be able to keep up with the cost of recovery, as well as those who may have lost wages due to an inability to work because of the injury. If financial compensation was not an option, then the innocent victims in accidents caused by the negligence of other parties would go unchecked. There would be no financial consequence for committing negligent acts that cause damage to others, and there would be no protection for those who face debt and bankruptcy trying to pay off bills accrued from an injury they weren't responsible for.


The Law Offices of Neustadt & Berriz have more than 45 years of experience in seeking financial compensation, either through settlement or in civil court. Mr. Berriz and Mr. Neustadt understand how critical the need can be for financial compensation in those injured victims who have no other means of meeting their financial responsibilities. The firm can organize an effective and focused case for compensation based on details provided by the client, and may be able to achieve substantial rewards for those victims of personal injury due to negligence.

Contact a Ventura personal injury attorney or Los Angeles personal injury attorney if you have been injured in an accident and would like to pursue financial compensation for damages suffered.