Insurance Claims Process


People file insurance claims in many different scenarios when the terms of the agreement are reached, and compensation must be paid out in the form of a claim. Common types of insurance include auto insurance, life insurance, medical insurance and many others. There are many different types of insurance with many different payouts according to the terms set forth in the specific agreement, and so it may be a good idea to have a personal injury attorney review the terms of your insurance contract before filing a claim.

All too often, insurance companies go to great lengths to avoid paying out insurance claims, even when all terms of the policy have been met. In fact, some corporations in certain fields will perform exhaustive research on the insurance policies of those who file claims in an effort to identify a discrepancy or a problem so that the contract can be voided, and no compensatory payments made. Moreover, the insurance claims process can be very difficult and confusing, which may discourage many from following through, or create conflicts of information which can in turn void a contract entirely. This is unethical and under-handed, and should be fought as aggressively as possible.


The Law Offices of Neustadt & Berriz strongly supports the right of all insurance policy holders to file and receive their claim where appropriate. The firm can provide valuable insight into how insurance companies work, and can also provide expert guidance in the insurance claims process to cut down the risk of incorrect information resulting in a voided contract or claim. We believe that you should receive every bit of what you are entitled to under the contract of your insurance claim, and we will fight hard to see that your insurance company fulfills their financial responsibilities to our clients.

Contact a personal injury attorney if you are filing an insurance claim and would like to receive some guidance in the process.