Personal Injury Settlement


When an individual suffers a serious injury in an accident that was caused by the negligent actions of another person, the injured victim may be eligible to receive financial compensation for any costs associated with the injury. Some of these costs may include surgeries, methods of treatment, medications, rehabilitation or physical therapy, emotional therapy, long-term healthcare services, lost wages due to the inability of the victim to work, and even projected wages in some cases involving younger victims who may have had a lifetime of career ahead of them. With so many different figures associated with the injury, it can sometimes be difficult to determine a satisfactory settlement amount without the advice of an experienced Ventura personal injury attorney or Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Some personal injury settlements may be easier to understand than others. Claims that seek to cover the costs associated with medical costs only, for example, may be easier to determine because of the hard financial figures included on billing statements and invoices. The concept and extent of pain and suffering can be very hard to put a value on, however, and while lost wages may be easy to calculate, projected future earnings for younger victims may result in seemingly huge settlement amounts that ultimately do not amount to much.


The Law Offices of Neustadt & Berriz have been aggressively pursuing personal injury settlements for injured victims throughout the Ventura and Los Angeles areas for the past 20 years. Mr. Berriz and Mr. Neustadt have a strict focus on providing the highest quality representation possible for those victims of personal injury. The firm can examine any personal injury settlement offer to make a proper determination as to the worth of the settlement, and the likelihood that it will indeed cover all present and future costs associated with the injury.

Contact a Ventura personal injury attorney or Los Angeles personal injury attorney if you have been injured in an accident and would like to seek a personal injury settlement form the liable party.